Secure As You go

We know that security nowdays is very challenge sector and every clients can't get choose the right solution for his company so make it a very easily to any client right now to choose from a very simple 3 package for better security to your organization .

Basic package:

Endpoint protection (EDR)
Security awareness training program (Yearly)
G Suite domain management and hardening
Vulnerability management.
Patch management
Active directory as a service

Advanced package:

Includes the basic features
Mobile device management
Yearly cybersecurity survey
Mobile device protection
VPN setup
infrastructure monitoring
Defacement monitoring
Cybers quatting detection (infrastructure)
Security procedure creation
Quarterly cyber security survey

Premium package:

Includes the advanced features.
Premium access management
Continuous vulnerability management
24/7 support line
Cybersecurity insurance
Firewall implementation
Cyber intelligence and threat hunting
Device policy enforcement
Supply chain risk management

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