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We cover how to break password with john the ripper and we say that you can use your own word list but how ?

How to create your own word list that suit your need for cracking ?

We will use crunch .

Crunch is a wonderful tool that allow you to make any word list with any characters that u want and then you can crack your password with it.

You will found crunch in Parrot and Kali Linux just type crunch in terminal .

Now let’s make our word list .


In this example we said to crunch make a word list with all chances words that have minimum length 4 number and the max length 8 that’s mean it will create a word list with words that have only 4,5,6,7 and 8 length.

If we want to make a word list with specific characters not all characters lets say u know that one person use his name and his birth date but u didn’t know how he compile it in his password ,, crunch say don’t worry I can make a word list for you that have specific characters .


In this example we say to crunch make a word list fro us with minimum length 4 and highest length 8 with this characters only (not use any characters else ) .


Now we know how to use it but how to save that word list into a file for using it with john the ripper for example .

You just type the same commend with your own options than put > and write the path for saving word list .

And in future lessons we will learn you more advanced use of crunch like how to use the word list that crunch make without use space from your hard disk because  some word list exceed from  1 TB to 2 TB . and more …

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